The songwriting is impressive and digs a bit deeper than the next independent artist. Within each one of these pieces Speer bares her soul and delivers what I would call pure musical mojo. It offers much in the way of passion and compelling-thought provoking lyrical content. I get the impression this is one artist that is extremely determined and passionate about the songwriting craft and being a real artist.

With her genuine warmth and dynamic stage presence, Speer blends beloved standards with a delightful taste of jazz and soul to deliver a compelling performance every time she steps to the microphone. Speer also shares unique original tunes that harken back to a classic era. From start to finish this CD from Speer is a very entertaining musical experience. It has a very warm and inviting Pop-Alternative Rock quality to it, and even dabbles in Blues.  I see Speer as a diamond in the rough, with an amazing amount of potential. As time goes by we will no doubt hear more from her. She is a lucrative record contract or Music Licensing deal waiting to happen. I also would not be surprised to hear her music on the Radio someday or even in a film. I’m also eager to see what the future holds for Jillian Speer as it looks bright. In close, most famous artists out there have "it,”

I'm not so sure what it means but Jillian Speer has whatever "it" is.

-MusicEmissions.com by Michael Snyderman